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What is Divine Union ?

This purpose is expressed in our world as the Divine Union Energies which is spoken of in all Sacred text and Ageless Wisdom of all cultures around the world. It is the Sacred Marriage which Jesus refers to as The Bride and The Bridegroom, it is the Yin/Yang of the Tao, the Holy Matrimony of Spirit and Soul. At its core, it is the balancing of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies within ourselves, and therefore upon our World which is dearly needed.

Divine Union & Special Ceremony

 Experience the Higher Ambiance of Spiritual Blessings to Bring:


  • Balance within Yourself

  • Balance between Relationships

  • Adds the Energy to your Family

  • Adds the Energy to your Ancestors

  • Adds the Energy to your Descendants

  • Adds the Energy to Heal & Balance the Earth

  • Balance of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies

  • Anchors the higher dimensional agreements of Twin Flames & Soul Mates for their purpose of being on the Earth now

The higher platinum ray of divine union has entered and is now anchored here upon the earth, and as a first wave organization of light workers, we are the first to receive among other people, this high platinum ray orchestrated from the higher celestial realm. This energy is something that is sacred and important and needed for our creation to make the ascension.

We come from the higher heart of compassion and unconditional love for those who come to us in that frequency of love.  It is for anybody who wants to be part of this divine union of commitment to that we are happy to facilitate that in a special way.

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