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The Creation of the Divine Chapel of Love & Divine Union

As we ever evolve in our Ascension there are higher truths and expressions of the Divine that seek us as we seek it in our collective spiritual journey.  The Cosmic Center has been undergoing much transformation in response to divine guidance for the expansion of our divine purpose. This purpose is expressed in our world as the Divine Union Energies which is spoken of in all Sacred Text and Ageless Wisdom of all cultures around the world. It is the Sacred Marriage which Jesus refers to as The Bride and The Bridegroom, it is the Ying/Yang of the Tao, the Holy Matrimony of Spirit and Soul. At its core, it is the balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies upon our world which you know is dearly needed.

Article from Natural Awakenings Interview with Dr. Rev. Sharon Elizabeth James:

What was the inspiration for the Divine Chapel of Love?


"I would say that it was divine synchronicity, but the idea had been planted some years back about a divine chapel. I didn't understand at the time what the idea of having a chapel with the church was some years ago, then through a number of synchronicitys' that concept came back again at the divinely appointed time when energies are now present for the first time in a long time upon the earth. Where the higher platinum ray of divine union is now able to enter upon the earth, and as a first wave organization of light workers, we are the first to receive among other people, this high platinum ray and without knowing the whole picture it was a journey of faith. These things are not presented all at one time. You get this divine inspiration and vision, but we knew we had to move forward on it as we realized it came from the higher celestial realm, and of course as you go on the journey, it reveals itself and the conclusion of this journey was that it is the higher rays of light coming in upon the earth.


The divine union which can be interpreted on many levels, not only between couples of all kinds, but also bringing in what was foretold in the Bible the bride and the bride groom or the divine feminine and the divine masculine into balance once again, which is not only a blessing to the individual or that couple, but also to the earth as we come together in a more balanced way between these two forces-so to with the healing and the higher alignment for earth will be established as we move through our ascension."



 What was the inspiration behind "love all that matters" at the Divine Chapel of Love?


"Love is all that matters is really coming from the great avatars of light and most certainly Jesus the Christ. He was the pacemaker, and he talked about unconditional love about judging not, he was all embracing, all encompassing, and his bed rock that he preached was that of love, and so it is from that divine inspiration that when it comes down to the bottom line, we are all god"s creation and that the Godhead which Jesus referred to as Abba, father is love, and unlimited light.  And so love is all that matters is the seed of everything of this creation and it is the distortion of the human creation, it is the miscreations and the misinterpretations, it has distorted the seed of unconditional love which is for all the masters have spoken of and certainly Jesus the Christ spoke about love. We come not so much from dogma which is man-made, but coming from the key source of spiritual knowledge and that is love. All great avatars of light on the planet have spoken of love, and we come from the higher heart of compassion and unconditional love, and for those who come to us in that frequency of love. it doesn't matter to us what path you are , not what your childhood has been, all that matters is that you are there because of love. It is for anybody who wants to be part of this divine union of commitment to that we are happy to facilitate that in a special way."


 Tell me about the Platinum Ray. What is this about?

 "Specifically, for the many people who are aware of the rays, rays of the rainbow and there are several rays that have been upon the earth, but they are old. Well, there are higher rays of light coming in to be uploaded as we embrace our new paradigm of Ascension. As we become more aware in our consciousness, and as a result for all those who have prayed for the path of love, these higher rays are now finally coming to the earth, one of them being the platinum ray.  How this all came about when you see the divine chapel of love and what it looks like- it really does look like heaven, and this was a design that was completely orchestrated on the higher realms of light. We had no clue as to how to even begin, it was very specific.  We had to get the right lighting, we had to get what I thought was silver but it had to be the right color silver, which I didn't understand was really to become  platinum  and to bring in a higher spiritual energy which I now understand is the platinum ray."

 The platinum ray is a higher ray that is bringing in the energy of light, unconditional love and divine unions what the Bible and many other ancient writings speaks of the bride and the bride groom. It is the coming together of the bride and the bride groom on many levels, so not only between a couple but also it could be an individual that is bringing in the balance within themselves, or it could be the balance between family members, or the balance between relationships- It is on every level the concept of divine has finally a came upon the earth through the platinum. "


What does this mean for soul mates or twin flames when talking
about the Platinum ray?


 "The platinum ray is here because there are many of us who have chosen to come on this earth plane with specific agreements and partnerships and without the distortion of this physical creation, can remember the higher in the plains of these agreements with certain souls. The idea being that they can recognize each other and commit to each other on the physical plane, and when that happens, no matter the dynamics of circumstances will they come into the energy of the light with the ray of divine unions that higher dimensional agreement if you will, is so is solidified on the physical plane. So it's almost like seventh heaven you know this is a truly a marriage, a heavily marriage, because it is facilitating an anchoring the higher dimensional agreement of twin flames. Those souls coming together as soul mates that made a commitment not only to themselves for their purpose of being on the earth and make the earth a better place by bringing harmony, and what they come to do, to be solidified and anchor heaven on earth as part of their job. By having the divine union here on the earth plane, entering heaven on earth, that's their job and bringing in those souls with children or just your energetic field that will perpetuate this divine grace and blessing to the earth to their very existence and a commitment to one another. So, we don't see race or color and religion is background knowledge. That the idea of separation, the idea that we are different from one another is the old paradigm of manipulation and now we are coming to the point to be free of that bondage. When we come to the realization that all is one, and we are all part of one creation. It would be like saying you will not embrace a beautiful rose because it's not red, it's pink or is it beautiful violet. How can you not embrace the profound diversity of the expression of God ? All flowers are beautiful, all roses are beautiful, all people are beautiful. it's not the exterior of that life force, it is that Divine Spark  that you recognize that in one another as Jesus and all the avatars did."


 It seems that your Chapel offers so much more than just a basic wedding.
What are the costs to create this special day?


 "The idea of the platinum ray energy for divine union is not for the select few, it's for every body and all souls are welcome. So for the most modest, where someone says; I would rather have a small ceremony instead of having to go to the courthouse, but to be in the heavenly place that really has this over lighting of divine grace. It really does that, from the simplest wedding to the most elaborate can benefit from this blessing which is priceless-there is no number you can put on this or cost that automatically comes with it. You are graced by this higher divine energetic of the divine union it is here, and when you are in this energy that possibly is a dream. When you walk in and say "oh my gosh this is heaven," it literally is heaven, because it is bringing a higher dimensional realm through the platinum ray of the divine union and everybody has access to that. We Make sure we have a number of packages that can be available to everybody at all price ranges."


"The time has come now where many people look at the world and they have concerns, perhaps even considering if they should bring children into the world -the way this world is there is just so much stuff out there that can absolutely discourage us and make us very depressed. There is great and wonderful news and that is by holding the faith that things can be better and the platinum ray of the divine unions where finally the family unit, true reasons of coming together will anchor and manifest itself in and as it does, it adds this blessing to the earth, the individual or the couple. It adds the energy to their families, adds the energy to their ancestors, it adds the energy to their descendants, adds the energy for the two to do the job for the planet. As this energy is something that is sacred and important and needed for our creation to make the ascension it is so important and so valuable and we can finally enter without interruptions and distortion- heaven on earth."

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