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Eric Watrous


 Eric, while our youngest minister, has spent his life traveling in search of the meaning of happiness in the material and spiritual world since a traumatic experience as an adolescent. His work has brought him to the Cosmic Center where he facilitates a service for many people once a month. He is open to many beliefs, religions, and denominations realizing that all play a part in what we live every day, and all have their unique and consensus truths. There are many who share the same need to help as Eric does and resonate with his vibration and the words, he speaks in service to the one true God. He is also a healer and conduit of energy that helps to bring about improvement in health and wellbeing. He has been doing this work since 2015 and is a large part of the Cosmic Center’s healing and wellness clinic. We are happy to have Eric as one of our options for a Cosmic Minister to facilitate your Divine Union. Shalom.

   Eric Watrous

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